Pre-Purchase Survey



Before you buy a second-hand boat of any age It is essential that you have a 'pre-purchase' survey carried out which could save you thousands of pounds investing in a vessel that just has serious hidden defects. 

Pre-purchase surveys are designed to give you a professional, independent, contextual, unbiased view regarding condition and to allow you to make the correct choices when deciding or negotiating on the final purchase of your yacht or motorboat. 


Typically this is a judgement on whether the work highlighted warrants further negotiation, this way you are empowered with the knowledge of what work is needed to bring the vessel up to scratch. I will help you ascertain the cost estimates, whether the work is to be done by yourself, or by a professional yard, you will then be an strong position for further negotiation. 


Sometimes the survey will confirm the boat is indeed what you are looking for and the condition you perceived it to be in.  Occasionally the survey may highlight an area of great concern that necessitates a re-think on the purchase itself.  

The survey that I carry out is very detailed in its scope and recommendations.

Essential work is highlighted in red for quick and easy reference, and recommended work is listed throughout the report. Routine maintenance, advised and best practice. The report gives a summary of the work required and areas that should be given consideration when deciding on the purchase, in terms of required work regarding safety, up coming work, areas that typically affect resale of the boat and of suitability of systems.

I will spend a full working day on the boat (or until I am satisfied that the vessel has been meticulously inspected)  I will work from bow to stern inspecting all the component parts of the boat, testing them where appropriate and noting down any defects and will gladly impart as much information as possible with you to help you on your purchase decision.

After the inspection, usually I will endeavor to call you immediately if a major defect is found that will considerably alter any deal by way of the extent of remedial work required (or as we call them ‘show stoppers') or if I'm happy we can verbally go through the main points and the implications of the findings. Finally once you have received your survey report we can verbally go through any points of concern after you have read and digested the full survey report.