If you have been asked by your insurance company to get an 'out-of-the-water' survey,

I can provide the correct required report.

An insurance survey mainly focuses on the condition of the hull, but also includes inspection of all the components and systems on-board. What the insurance company really want to know - is there a risk of a claim associated with the vessel. Therefore the survey focuses on the safety aspects of the vessel and ignores the cosmetic defects.

You will need to arrange the lift out with your local marina - boatyard. The better the access beneath the vessel, the easier it is to take moisture and thickness readings depending on vessel. Different marinas and boat yards have different restrictions and some are far from ideal. If you know access will be difficult, or if the vessel is only coming out of the water for a limited number of hours, please let me know in advance.

Inspecting areas inside the vessel can be greatly hampered by additional gear being stored on board the vessel. If there are lockers that you know are cluttered and access will be needed, emptying them out results in a more through inspection, which is good for both of us. I try to be as flexible as possible (both physically and metaphorically) in order to give you the best service I possibly can. 

Insurance Survey